Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Sun Premier Village is a high-end resort product line invested by Sun Group – a leading real estate, hotel and entertainment company in Vietnam. Continuing with the resort products that have been present throughout Vietnam’s golden beaches, the resort map will feature a lavish masterpiece in a land of tourism and cultural heritage. Sun Premier Village Kemp Beach Resort continues the journey of creating “timeless impressions”.

Overview of Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Project Name: Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort
Total area: 59,6 ha
Location: Khem beach, east coast of Phu Quoc Island
Designers: Darkhorse Architect
Building density: 17 – 22%
Design style: Vietnamese village style
Type of ownership: Long-term ownership
Launch Date: 05/05/2017
Expected delivery date: quarter 4/2018
Product types: Resort Villas, Hotel Apartments and Commercial Shophouse

Product details at Premier Village Kem Beach
• A-type villa (810-880m2): seafront villas – 10 apartments
• Villa B (360 – 380m2): sea view villa – 100 apartments
• Villa C (360 – 380m2): lakeside villa – 17 apartments
• Villa D (245 – 260m2): lake view villa – 230 apartments
• Hotel Apartments: 101 apartments
• Commercial Shophouse: 106 apartments

Preferential policies on the occasion of the launch of the project

Chính sách bán hàng Premier Village Kem Beach Resort 2
The meaning of the name “Premier Village Kem Beach”

The first thing many customers wonder is why the project is called Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort???

Sun Premier brand has long been a luxury resort property brand of Sun Group. Since its establishment, the Premier brand has always been associated with the Group as a commitment to quality in construction, sophistication in design and service commitment.

The main part of the project name “Kem Beach” is a pun of the owner. The project is located at Khem beach but the people of Phu Quoc island district with their local accent and rustic charm always call this beach “Kem Beach”? The children of the sea who are attached to the waves and the sand also recognize the enchanting beauty of the smooth, white sand just like ice cream stretching out endlessly, and in a simple way they call the beach by the way they see it.

Use an easy way to name a natural masterpiece and that is why Sun Group chooses the new project name as Premier Village Kem Beach Resort.

Location of Premier Village Kemah Beach

Located in the south of Phu Quoc Island and on the East Coast, the Premier Village Kem Resort complex enjoys a great deal of geographic advantage as well as tourism potential.

A wild natural environment is almost completely preserved. A white and smooth sand beach stretches endlessly. A pearl-green coastline with mild waves only on the east coast is a very special natural treat for Premier Village Kem Beach residents.

In addition to living space, natural beauty, the location Premier Village Kem Beach Resort has great growth potential. Surrounding the project are complex and well-planned resorts of Sun Group. This year, Sun Group has prepared a plan to launch a 160ha entertainment project at An Thoi port and also this year, the biggest cable car crossing the An Thoi port to another entertainment complex of Sun Group on Hon Thom island.

Liberal design at Premier Village Kem Beach

Premier Village Kem Resort complex was once again designed by Darkhouse Architect, a unit that has been with Sun Group for a long time, in almost all of resort products. It is thanks to the experience and understanding of the zeal of Sun Group in each product, each “legacy” that the project design of Premeir Village Kem Beach named as “Treasure of Heaven” was introduced by Darkhouse after more than 1 year cherished.

The Premier Village Kem Beach Resort consists of 4 main subdivisions: Oceanfront Villa, Garden Villa, Commercial Shophouse and finally Mini Hotel.

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort
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Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort
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