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Design Statement of Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

When presented with a beautiful site such as Bai Khem, we believe that you must really try and capture the character of the unique natural setting in all that you design.

We seek in our design to engage the beauty and the setting of this natural long beach, which is very like the neighboring world famous Sao Beach, with the wooded site that gently slopes up from the beach front to the hill plateau to define the resort extent and experience.

We want resort guests regardless to where they are staying onsite, to have that sense of connection and identify with Bai Khem Beach during their stay. So, we seek to combine the beauty of the beach with many generous landscape spines that flow from the beach to the hill. These landscape spines define resort and facility areas and create different resort experiences that can be discreet and separate from other areas of resort, yet still connected to Bai Khem.

So, it’s a balance of private and unique areas, that have a sense of connection with the beauty of Bai Khem using landscape and sensitively design villages that sit easily within the natural setting.

We see the design of the villas as creating resort villages. The arrangement of interlocking courtyard, garden and beach front villas is such that natural landscape is maintained while the guests engage with the amenity, outlook to the landscape while enjoying the privacy of their own villa. The one and two level villas with thatched roofs, landscaped courtyards and private pools are design to fit into the environment using natural local materials.

The use of more traditional materials creates a relaxed relationship between the natural setting and villa designs. The Villas provide a range of comfortable plan types for different family groups and combinations to enjoy while still providing modern amenities, features and creature comforts. Importantly each villa type has privacy yet enjoys connection to the landscape with the sense of Bai Khem Beach.

Between the Beach and the hill top plateau, we have included lagoons to define the resort landscape experience and give privacy and separation between different resort areas. These lagoon forms provide additional visual interest and identity within the resort as people move to and from there villa to the central facilities or the beach. They also provide a water link from the base of the hill to the sea that will provide visual vistas to the beach.

Resort facilities are located near the lagoon features, within easy walking distance or buggy ride from guest villas. These facilities become the heart of the resort villages with their range of restaurants, bars, pool clubs and amenities providing a focus to resort activities. Each resort village has its own facilities that again link to the landscape spines and sense of beach.

The overall resort experience is one of relaxed family villa experience in a beautiful natural setting that connects you to the beautiful Bai Khem Beach

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