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The superior facilities only available at Premier Village Phu Quoc

With the promise of superior profits, a prime resort space with two sea sides and beautiful natural space, the Premier Village project in Phu Quoc is also invested with a very special utility combination by Sun Group.

The most impressive feature is the complex of multi-storey swimming pool connecting the sea: With the total water surface up to 8000m2, 16 times the water surface of an Olympic standard swimming pool. It is designed with 3 floors from 7.5m to 1.3m high, which are outstanding values that only residents of Premier Village Phu Quoc can experience. Up to now, the swimming pool at Premier Village Phu Quoc is the most modern and classy pool complex in Vietnam.

An infinity pool connects the east coast and the west coast of Phu Quoc Island

Sea Salt Restaurant: After the outings or swimming, residents of the Premier Village can totally pamper themselves at the Sea Salt restaurant. Here you will enjoy the culinary elite from the most talented chefs.

Sea Salt restaurant is located on the hill with open space for guests to both enjoy the specialties and watching the sunset on the sea.

Sandalwood health Care and Spa: Entirely located on the cliffs, at a height of 24 meters above the sea level and completely hidden in the forest, this is the spa and healthcare area Sun Group wants to offer its dearest customers. In here residents will experience spa treatments which were proven of efficiency in the world. The spa space at Premier Village Phu Quoc can be completely comparable to the Harnn Heritage Spa at Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Resort. Harnn Spa is a spa belonging to Sun Group and the first spa in Vietnam to win the best Spa in Asia at the World Spa Award.

Spa space with international curriculum is a gift from Sun Group for its beloved customers.

In addition to the infinity pool, the Sea Salt restaurant and state-of-the-art spa facilities; Sun Group also offers other classy amenities such as Buggy electric car, Starfish entertainment center for the kids, Seahorse, Solar Beach club. Let’s experience and register to join the resident club at Premier Village Phu Quoc.

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